MICHAEL DINNEEN  ~ Professional Wedding Photographer in Anchorage, Alaska

In 2016 I was named one of the top 20 Wedding Photographers in Anchorage by Expertise.com.

A wedding day is the most extraordinary day of your life. It is filled with moments that define your day and make it uniquely yours.
My approach to wedding photography is derived from my years of experience in photojournalism … to anticipate those moments and capture them in images that you will treasure your entire life.

I’ll surprise you with images of moments you couldn’t have asked for and portraits that illustrate your passion and commitment to each other.

Much of my work occurs prior to the wedding, getting to know you and your plans for the day, so your wedding day photography will be as smooth and creative as possible.

You are hiring me to tell the visual story of your celebration, and that is my entire focus.


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