Senior Portaits in the Fall

Fall is the most spectacular time to make senior portraits! As long as we are doing remote, let’s do it in our amazing scenery in the Anchorage area.  Book this month and save 50% on session fees. • 907.350-2729

Senior Portrait: The Trumpet Player

Dimond High Senior Adesanjo Wolfe paused for a few moments in his hectic schedule to sit still for his #SeniorPortrait.  I found the space, Adesanjo brought the class. Many thanks to his father and brother for their gracious help.

Senior Photo Shoot with Lauren Holzinger

Lauren and I used two locations for her senior portrait session in Anchorage.  I found the first outdoor session, which emphasized her love of the outdoors and included her gymnastics background, and she found the scenes in the industrial area of Ship Creek, to give a more moody effect to the images.  You can find more photos of her in the We Graduate gallery.

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