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Alaska Elopement and Wedding Photographer

Elopements have become extremely popular, for a good reason. The planning and execution of a traditional wedding can be excessive for some couples. The pressure to create an event for hundreds of guests can be too much. Instead, you can sneak off with the one you love and get married on your terms.

Eloping provides an intimate ceremony that is far less stressful and expensive while at the same time far more emotional and memorable because you don’t have a huge audience and schedule to manage.

Whether it’s an intimate wedding atop the Glen Alps in Chugach State Park or a day hike to somewhere wild, I help adventurous couples have the laid-back wedding or elopement of their dreams.

And I capture all those little moments along the way.

Client Testimonial

Hi Michael!

Kara and I are home safely (with only a minor cold after the overnight flight), and enjoying the heat once again.

We both wanted to say a BIG thanks for all that you and Jan did for us while we were there. We are very grateful to have found such an amazing photographer and couple to help us out and show us around on our trip. Our day spent touring around with you taking engagement photos with you
was one of our favorite days there (largely thanks to your tour guiding skills), and the wedding was perfect!


Thank you both so much for everything.


~ Ryan and Kara Niessen


Alaska Elopement and Wedding Photographer

Alaska Elopement and Wedding Photographer

Intimate wedding atop the Glen Alps in Chugach State Park.

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