Alaska Elopement Photography with Kara and Ryan

Texans Ryan and Kara flew in fr0m Austin just in time for a breezy, beautiful and very cold March day for their day of Alaska Elopement Photography…  The plan was to explore Turnagain Arm and have the ceremony at Glen Alps with a view of Cook Inlet.  The chilly weather …

Senior Portraits at Reflections Lake

When you work with good lighting, you can find Senior Portrait locations no matter the time of year.  These photos are from a recent shoot with Eric Kibbie, and we found the light and background we needed at Reflections Lake near the Knik River Bridge. Thanks to Eric, his mother …

Trumpeter Swans family at Potter Marsh

Some say it’s never happened before, others say it’s been 40 years … But the family of Trumpeter Swans that have chosen Potter Marsh for a nesting site this season have been an absolute delight to watch through the summer season.  Soon they will be off on their migratory journey …

Senior Portaits in the Fall

Fall is the most spectacular time to make senior portraits! As long as we are doing remote, let’s do it in our amazing scenery in the Anchorage area.  Book this month and save 50% on session fees. • 907.350-2729

How Covid-19 Is Affecting Two Alaskan Families

How Covid-19 Is Affecting Two Alaskan Families

  For our family, my husband Isaac Vanderburg, our children Margo and Thomas, and myself – there’s gratitude and grief. The sweetness of now is so sweet and the anxiety about the future is a rock-hard hammer some days. We know it’s a privilege to work from home, take care …


Where are the Best Places to Take Wedding Photos in Alaska?

Where are the Best Places to Take Wedding Photos in Alaska? A place that has meaning for the couple always helps. If the wedding is at a less than ideal location, think of somewhere close by that offers an interesting background to help make a portrait of the couple more …

Best Photography Techniques Alaska Outdoor Photography

What Photography Techniques Work Best in Alaska Outdoor Photography?

What Photography Techniques Work Best in Alaska Outdoor Photography? I always concentrate on two things in outdoor photography, the light and the graphic elements of a photo. Light is usually better in the early mornings and later in the evening, especially on sunny days. In composing an image, foreground interest …

Alaska Wildlife Photography Swan at sunset

Alaska Wildlife Photographer

Alaska Wildlife Photographer Micheal Dinneen works as a freelance and commercial photographer, specializing in Alaska wildlife photography, portraits, wedding photography, event photos and more. His work has been featured in Associated Press, the New York Times and Alaska Magazine.

Senior Portrait: The Trumpet Player

Dimond High Senior Adesanjo Wolfe paused for a few moments in his hectic schedule to sit still for his #SeniorPortrait.  I found the space, Adesanjo brought the class. Many thanks to his father and brother for their gracious help.