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Volunteer of the Month ~ October 2016

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Volunteer of the Month ~ October 2016

October 2016 Volunteer of the Month 

Linda Lucky, Anchorage Museum of History and Art.

I ran into Linda Lucky while photographing the 2016 Anchorage Museum Gala. I asked her to tell me about her volunteering activities.

Why do you volunteer at the Museum.

I’ve been in love with the museum from the first time I walked into it. I’ll never forget entering the atrium with its carousel animals and a tree that touched the ceiling covered with handmade dolls from around the world. Because of the holiday decorations, lunches were served in an art gallery! I remember sitting in the middle of the room alone at a “two hat” table looking around at beautiful art on the walls. I had only been in Anchorage for 15 hours! I’m thinking: If this is what Anchorage has to offer, I’m going to like it here!

Tell me about your first volunteering experience.

In two weeks after signing on as a volunteer docent, I gave the landscape tour in the four galleries on the main floor. It was a school tour of 5th graders. It felt good to be back with kids again after four years of retirement. Like old times, only the classroom has changed.

What do you give, what do you get.

I bring optimism, enthusiasm, and a sense of humor to the job. My great satisfaction is being part of the museum visitors’ positive experiences and memories.

How you feel volunteering affects you, your community, the world.

It keeps me sharp. It keeps me connected to people and the community, people who share my love of the arts. Through the summer tours I meet folks from around the world. They are very impressed by the level of the sophistication of the museum.

Some of the places you have or do volunteer besides the museum.

I have volunteered at AWAIC, Beyond the Stacks, and the KNBA art auction every year.