The moments of a wedding ...

The moments of a wedding …

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The moments of a wedding …

The results of a wedding last for a lifetime, but the moments of wedding occur in an instant.

I see the look your husband has when he dances with your mom.

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The moments of a wedding …

I catch the tear in your father’s eye as he dances with you,

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the off-script moment with the cake,

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the tear in your friends’ eye as she watches your first dance.

Wedding Photography Alaska

They are most special for me, because capturing them is doing my job the best that I can. This is your most special day, and I am there to capture all the emotion in my wedding photography. We plan like crazy to make the day roll smoothly along, but there’s so much that is just “in the moment,” that arrives unannounced – and that is why you hire me. More at

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