How Has Alaska Destination Weddings Changed in the Last Ten Years?

How Has Alaska Destination Weddings Changed in the Last Ten Years? The ease of getting into remote places has increased as methods of travel have expanded. Photography lighting equipment has become much more mobile as well. Many couples that I have worked with want to get just the two of them into the backcountry for photos, and then have the formal ceremony at a more urban location.  

What Photography Techniques Work Best in Alaska Outdoor Photography?

What Photography Techniques Work Best in Alaska Outdoor Photography? I always concentrate on two things in outdoor photography, the light and the graphic elements of a photo. Light is usually better in the early mornings and later in the evening, especially on sunny days. In composing an image, foreground interest is very important, so you can draw the viewer’s eyes into the image and lead them to the main element of your image.

Alaska Wildlife Photographer

Alaska Wildlife Photographer Micheal Dinneen works as a freelance and commercial photographer, specializing in Alaska wildlife photography, portraits, wedding photography, event photos and more. His work has been featured in Associated Press, the New York Times and Alaska Magazine.

Senior Portrait: The Trumpet Player

Dimond High Senior Adesanjo Wolfe paused for a few moments in his hectic schedule to sit still for his #SeniorPortrait.  I found the space, Adesanjo brought the class. Many thanks to his father and brother for their gracious help.

The moments of a wedding …

The results of a wedding last for a lifetime, but the moments of wedding occur in an instant. I see the look your husband has when he dances with your mom. I catch the tear in your father’s eye as he dances with you, the off-script moment with the cake, the tear in your friends’ eye as she watches your first dance. They are most special for me, because capturing them is doing my job the best that I can. This is your most special day, and I am there to capture all the emotion in my wedding photography. We …

A glacier blue Easter at Spencer Glacier – No April Foolin’!

  An incredible day at Spencer Glacier on a late-season Fat Bike ride in Southcentral Alaska.  Here, my riding buddy Steve McKeever poses in a backlit ice cave at the glacier’s face.  A 28-mile round trip of unparalleled beauty, as we grow so accustomed to here in The Great Land!  A big shout out to Erica and Billy at, who accommodated my late season need for a fat bike to rent!

When a dream dies

An emotional loss for the Chugiak boys basketball team in the 2018 Alaaka State basketball championships, falling to defending state champions Dimond High.